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Art Classes, Social Paint Parties, Birthday Parties & More

Host your own private paint party
Here's how...
 1. Get at least 7 friends together
  • Added Bonus... If you have 9 friends purchasing a large canvas or large wooden door hanger yours will be FREE! 

  • Don't have 7 people in your party??? No worries!!! 
           Join us for Open Studio
 2. Book Your Party
  • Click here to see available dates, make your reservation and pay your booking fee

  • What is the booking fee for???
             The booking fee is $38, which pays for your item the night of the party and              secures your party date. Don't worry, if you choose something less expensive we              will refund the difference. And... if your item is FREE, we will return the full                             amount. The booking fee is non-refundable in the event you cancel or reschedule              your party within two weeks of the party date.
 3. Gather the Details
  • Collect your guests orders and submit them at least 8 days prior to the party. Orders submitted after that will not be filled.
  • We will send you an e-mail to make this task easier. 

  • See our selections here

  • Don't see what you are looking for? Let us create it for you. Choose your size, design, font & wording (if applicable). Items cost the same, however, they will need to be paid for in advance. Place custom orders here
  • If your friends are not placing a custom order they can pay cash or card the night of the party. We do NOT accept personal checks.

 4. Bring on the FUN!!!
  • Bring snacks and drinks, if you wish. We also have a selection of drinks, coffee and snacks for purchase. 

  • Plan to socialize!!! Allow us time, once you finish, to complete your hooks, bows and any requested touch-ups. 

  • Enjoy our photo booth and don't forget to tag us on Facebook & Instagram #lollilusstudio
  • 22" - Large wooden door hanger with hook & ribbon bow $38.00 + tax

  • 12" - Small wooden door hanger with hook & tutu bow $20.00 + tax

  • 11X14" Canvas $22.00 + tax

  • 16X20" Canvas $32.00 + tax

  • Our assistance is included :)

  • Glitter $3.00-$5.00

  • 8" Wooden Add-on (Letters & Animals) $6.00

  • Additional Ribbon in bow $5.00